How to get into theatre acting

Whether you have had the dream of being an actor for your whole life, or it is something that has just come up recently, it is never too late to start this new journey in your life. Theatre acting is a very professional career that everyone comes into when they are at different stages in their lives. You are truly never too old to accomplish your dreams. And sometimes, that dream requires you to be a bit older depending on the show you are putting on.

Here are a few steps on how you can get into theatre acting:

Take a few acting classes

You will want to boost your skills up. If you have never done any acting before, then you definitely want to sign up for at least two or three acting classes before even considering auditioning for a local play. Acting classes are going to cost you anywhere for $20 to $250 depending on how deeply you want to get involved with the class, how much you need to learn, and how many days you need to be trained.

Find shows you know very well and act them out at home

You want to make sure that you are acting out all the scenes that you know and love. Make sure that you copy everything, in your own style, that your favorite characters are doing on screen. You want to have the same emotion, the same tone, and the same body language. Once you know how to act out your favorite scenes, move on to something a little less known so you can challenge your skill.

Start with emotion and voice before working on body language

Body language is a complicated skill to act out, and it usually comes with the emotion on your face and in your voice. If you work on body language before anything else, you might not notice any progress in this situation. This can make you doubt yourself and lose your confidence. No one wins from that battle, so make sure to focus on emotion and voice first.

Try out at your local theater

One of the important things to remember when you are trying out for theater acting is that you aren’t going to end up in one of Broadway’s hit shows on day number one. You need a lot of practice. You need to make sure that you have the skills, the experience, and the confidence to pull off even the most complicated scripts that the directors throw at you.

All of these steps are necessary if you want to see your face under all the spotlights of big time theatre. And don’t doubt yourself when you don’t get a part. You are new. A lot of people worry about getting someone new to play such an important role. Accept any roll that comes your way, that you are comfortable with playing, and you will soon find the success that you are seeking with theatre, both local and big time.

How to get into theatre acting

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