Festivals in Oregon

Festivals in Oregon may not be as famous as those in neighbouring states such as California & Washingtonit’s an untapped resource and definitely has so much to contribute to our region. With the Columbia River Gorge to explore, beautiful Mount Hood Village to visit, and natural wildlife attractions to see. Cruise down scenic Highway 101, and of course there’s historic Corbett Park to stroll and enjoy. Oregon’s calendar of seasonal festivals is filled with events galore. It’s no wonder that festivals in Oregon are ranked among the best in the nation! Here’s a look at this year’s top Oregon Festivals:

Willamette River Greenway Festival

The famous Willamette River Greenway Festival is set to run from mid-July to mid-September. This outdoor walking event includes camping, rafting, kayaking, wildlife watching, and bicycling. Other events include the Willamette River Family Weekend, featuring entertainment and free live music on the weekend. The Willamette River Conservatory and Museum are the perfect place to go if you’re looking for great food and souvenirs. On the other end of the spectrum, the Historic Downtown Portland Restaurant in the center of the historic district is the place to go for Portland’s signature food and beverages.

Just west of the Willamette Valley is the small town of Gresham, Ore., a quaint, charming city that makes a great summer home just in the north Oregon area. Visitors to the area have come to watch a colorful airshow called Silver Star Racing, then visit Gresham’s Historic Gaslight District, which is filled with old movie theaters, Victorian buildings, and lovely gardens. The colorful International Cherry Blossom Airshow happens every year, as does the annual Spirit of the West Airshow. In addition to all the funfairs, festivals, and concerts, the Willamette Valley boasts a few family attractions.

The Annual Willamette River Rafting and Spectacular Dockyards Summer Festival take place in early May. This two and one-day festival features live music, craft vendors, great food, and fabulous water activities. The traditional Willamette River Derby takes place in mid-September, with live racing and fireworks. Every year in late July or early August, the Willamette Fall Classic Car Rally is a spectacular outdoor family event. The rally features horse competitions, funfairs, camping, and delicious food.

Ride the waves

In addition to these festivals, Oregon has many other festivals, events, and celebrations. The Willamette River Amateur Surfers Association holds the annual Round-Up Surf Tournament. This is one of the best places to enjoy Oregon’s beautiful coastline. The Willamette River offers guided tours through dams and other waterfalls along the way. If you love Oregon’s historic railroad history, you will love the Willamette Weekend Railroad Tour.

Music lovers have plenty of reasons to celebrate in Oregon. There are numerous Oregon festivals every year in the spring, summer, and fall. You should plan your vacation to Oregon in advance to see all of these amazing festivals. If you have never visited Oregon before, you should consider booking your plane tickets to Oregon early to get the best selection of cities and attractions. This article only includes some of the popular and beautiful Oregon festivals every year.

Festivals in Oregon

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